We are a non-profit organization focusing on Rescue, rehabilitation, placement and training of special needs (and other) animals, to work with special needs humans.

To rescue, train, place and register unwanted animals to participate in therapy work, with an emphasis on special needs animals.  To adopt out, place, or transfer to rescue, animals deemed not suitable for our program. To improve the quality of life for individuals with special needs, and Veterans with PTSD, by conducting volunteer pet facilitated therapy; to achieve optimum standards of excellence in its practice and in the care of therapy animals through ongoing training and evaluation; to promote the supportive benefits of the human animal bond; and, to enhance our community’s awareness of and involvement in  programs.


We are a non-profit organization committed to rescuing animals in need, rehabilitating them and professionally training them to become Therapy dogs and then placing them in homes to give back to the community,  We focus on the rescue, rehabilitation and training of special needs animals to work with special needs humans.  All our animals are currently trained and rehabilitated at Unleashed Canine Training Academy, in Troy, Virginia.